What you need to know about doujinshi in five minutes or less…

One of the things I’m enjoying about creating this site is that it gives me an excuse to check out other great Yaoi sites. While I don’t see myself doing linkblogging posts too often, there are some sites that I’m finding are offering consistently high-quality articles — one of which is Guns, Guys and Yaoi by accomplished writer Tina Anderson. Ms. Anderson’s site is a great read not only because she really knows her stuff, but also because she is deeply committed to being a writer of Yaoi stories — and takes great pride in her guy-on-guy work.

At Guns, Guys and Yaoi, she talks about her books, her process, the manga biz, working with artists and has just written a great primer about Japan’s doujinshi self-publishing community that every Yaoi fan should read. It explains all the important terms and makes an excellent case why doujinshi continues to be relevant today. As someone publishing his own works, I found it very inspirational — and reading her post will give you an excellent overview of this community/phenomenon in five minutes or less.

You can find it here.

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