What happened to Baralover?

Since Baralover, a very popular site with lots of English-language scanlated bara manga, went down at the end of July, I’ve received a number of questions from users about what happened to it. I wrote to Kyo, the webmaster, shortly after I noticed Baralover was delivering a 404-error message and just now have gotten a reply:

unfortunately due to 110MB no longer supporting adult websites, I have decided to let the site be shut down.
it wasn’t a fun decision, but it was the conclusion I came to after a month of thinking it over.
I meant to put up a nice goodbye note on the site, but unfortunately by that time it was already too late (they took down the site a WEEK before the deadline!!)

i’m sorry to disappoint you guys 🙁 but i’ve moved onto some other things in my life right now.
HOWEVER, if you know Saru-X, then you’ll be glad to know that he and a friend are hoping to make a site to be the next Baralover!
or at least they’re hoping too eventually…

in the meantime, just be sure to keep up on the Bara Board ( http://ib4f.com/board/bara0 )
and watch for anouncements – once my home server comes back from the dead, i’m going to upload ALL my bara manga onto a public Mediafire account for everyone to access.

also note that the Bara chat is still up and active, since it wasn’t run on the website itself. it can still be accessed by http://www.xat.com/baralovers
i’m hoping that stays alive enough to put into another website, if i ever make another one.

So, there you have it. 110MB was the hosting provider for Baralover and it looks like they changed their terms of service so it was no longer acceptable for Kyo to host bara scanlations there. These things can happen, but it’s a shame they took down the site before Kyo could post up an explanation for his readers. While I am somewhat ambivalent about scanlations in general, I wish to thank Kyo for his contribution to popularizing this genre. It is my hope that as interest catches on that it will be more likely that a Western publisher will print bara books and Kyo’s Web site offered a very nice, accessible introduction to bara to English-language readers. I wish both Kyo and Saru-X luck with their plans to create new Web sites and will let you know when they are up.

In the meantime, there are still some other nice places to find bara in English, which you can find (along with some other thoughts I have on bara vs. yaoi) in my post

How To Find Bara In English

If you haven’t already, feel free to give that a look! 😀



  1. That sux ass. I am glad that when I did visit the site, I saved my favorite stories to my laptop to read whenever, or enjoy…however. 😉


    Anyways, I guess I shall have to check out those other sites, I never visited them(or at least I don't recall), but I guess I can try to give the other ones a shot.

    Thanx for the heads up before I went to that site and had my face cracked.

  2. I was just wondering if the owner of baralover ever put that mediafire link up? I tried visiting the site where they said it would be posted, however it sends me to a page saying the owner of THAT site is having trouble with it’s users behaving.

    Really sad, that was the only site I really liked to visit for bara. 🙁

  3. Alex thank you for the information about this. I’ve had alot of people ask me about this as well….you can always send people over to the bara club at nihonomaru (I’d be more than happy to have them join)…no online reading, but lots of bara for downloading. We wouldn’t want too many bara-deprived fans wandering around out there. 😉

      1. Yeah geez they are really annoying. Unfortunately, I only run the bara club so I have no control over it. I use Linux so I don’t have any issues w/ it, but there are alot of complaints over the whole matter….widespread crankiness in fact. xD

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