“Tough” Reviewed at Comic Book Resources!

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Well, this was an awesome thing to wake up to this morning. The first chapter of Tough gets a review in Brian Cronin’s “Comics Should Be Good” column at Comic Book Resources.

I’ll admit, when I first saw the link on Twitter, my heart skipped a beat and no small amount of terror filled my heart. What would a mainstream comics reviewer think of my first efforts? And when I was actually reading the review, it was certainly strange to read about myself referred to only by my last name (as I am wont to do with other creators in my own reviews.)

But what did he think?

Well, check it out for yourself!

(And Brian will be reviewing LGBT comics for all of March, so be sure to check out his other Month of LGBT reviews. πŸ™‚ )

Oh, and stay tuned! I’ll have something new and exciting (and non-Tough-related) to share with you in a couple weeks! (And here’s a hint, it’s not just a pin-up.. It’s in full-color and there are words and characters and a plot and….)



  1. Hi! I just suscribed on the site and i dunno where exactly is the best place to say that but…your amazing! I really love your style and the colors are lovely too! Oh and a guy like Rob (what a class!) beating up jerks is a dream of mine too x)
    I really hope i haven’t made too much mistakes… i’m french, and frenchies (and specificaly i) are like laaame at foreign languages, thanks to the educational system and all…
    Well, thank you for giving free BL comics to a helpless fujoshi! ‘j’adore ce que vous faites!’ =)

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