The Legend of Bold Riley

The Legend of Bold Riley →

I just read The Legend of Bold Riley and I have to say, if you like what I’m doing with my comics, you need to read it too.  Great writing, cool art and the story is totally in line with what I’m trying to do with my own work.

The Legend of Bold Riley a fun, gripping graphic novel with a real three-dimensional heroine who just happens to like girls. It’s an action story set in an India-inspired land of myth and magic with each fable-like chapter illustrated by a different, talented artist. The heroine (who goes by the nickname “Bold Riley”) is kick-ass, likable and complex. There’s swordplay, ghosts, evil spirits, lusty (yet tasteful and often very sweet) romance, blue Gods, clever outwitting of monsters, clever beating the crap out of monsters—pretty much everything you’d want in a fun mythic tale told around the campfire in a world where same-sex love was treated as completely normal.

The author, Leia Weathington, just won the Best Writer Award at Stumptown Comics Fest this last weekend and she’s a total sweetheart as well. My only complaint is that it leaves you wanting more, a lot more, which is hardly a complaint at all. I don’t recommend a lot of books, but this one you need to check out.


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