Teen Wizard to Demon: "Get Your Filthy Claws Off My Boyfriend!"

Here is the complete script for the first comic in our Yaoi graphic novel — “A Shot in the Dark.” In its 16 comic book pages, a Junior Apprentice must save his now helpless boyfriend, a Senior Apprentice, from a tremendously powerful and crafty demon after a summoning goes terribly awry.

This script may be freely distributed so long as it is done so in its entirety with no alterations, including the header text.

You can download the PDF here:

A Shot in the Dark (PDF)

Or you can read it right at this site by clicking on the thumbnail pages below:

(Clicking on a thumbnail page will activate our cool Javascript-based Lightbox viewer. Once you have activated the Lightbox, click on the right side of the page for the next page, the left side for the previous page, and the “X” at the bottom-right of the script page to return to this site)

Page OnePage TwoPage ThreePage FourPage Five
Page SixPage SevenPage EightPage NinePage Ten
Page ElevenPage TwelvePage ThirteenPage FourteenPage Fifteen
Page SixteenPage SeventeenPage EighteenPage NineteenPage Twenty
Page Twenty-OnePage Twenty-TwoPage Twenty-ThreePage Twenty-FourPage Twenty-Five

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