Out Magazine Interview for Artifice

Out Magazine Interview for Artifice →

So, I gave a couple interviews last week. The first one was for Out Magazine. It was my first interview that had a chance of appearing in a major magazine and my first interview over Skype. I was quite nervous and ramble-y. Like really ramble-y. So, I think the writer, Brett Edward Stout, did an excellent job of making me sound coherent (and wrote many nice words about Artifice.)

Overall I think the quotes are mostly what I meant to say. I do wish I had been clearer in the last question that the reason I think folks should “write what they want to read” is because I think it makes for better writing (instead of my quip that you should do it “because you might be the only one to read it”. That quip alone in print sounds WAY darker than the point I was struggling to make. 😀 )

Definitely a good learning experience…


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