How To Find Bara In English

Bara Art from Kowmeiism
Bara Art from Kowmeiism
Β© 2008 Kowmeiism

Like any blogger, I keep an eye on my Web site’s stats and visitors and I’ve discovered that a significant number of readers come here though search engines looking for “bara” — that is, Japanese gay male romance manga written by gay men for gay men (referred to by some as “muscle yaoi” due to the fact that the character design often is fairly muscular — particularly compared to traditional yaoi-style bishonen.)

As I’ve mentioned before, discussions of bara in English — let alone English translations — have been hard to come by. But this looks like this might be starting to change. As a service to my readers, I will use this post to provide links for English-speakers to explore Bara manga. I will update it as I discover more sites (and if you have any other suggestions, please include them in the comments!)

(Needless to say, the links I’m including below are ALL Not Safe For Work [or for looking at in front of Grandma, etc.] — you’ve been warned [or encouraged, depending… πŸ˜‰ ])

Bara is hot

First off, let me get this off my chest — I find bara quite hot, more so than many (but not all) of the yaoi works I’ve read and certainly much more than traditional Western gay male comics.

It’s fairly easy for me to put my finger on what it is about bara that beats out the majority of what gets published in Western gay male comics (such as what you might find at, say, Class Comics) — it’s the character design. Bara guys tend to be fairly muscular, which is not so different than what you’d find in Western gay comics. What does seem different is the obsession with monstrous proportions we seem to have in the west.

Take for example the work of LOGAN. This is a gay male comics artist whose artwork I find absolutely superb — he’s got serious chops in terms of linework, colors, composition, you name it. But his men leave me icy cold. Their muscles have muscles and the penises appear easily as large as my forearm. I understand that this sort of thing is hot for some (just like I’m aware that monstrous-sized breasts are appealing to certain straight boys), but for me, looking at this artwork doesn’t turn me on — I just want to buy these poor fellows a back-brace or something. (For a particularly freaky understanding of this, step into the uncanny valley with me and check out some of LOGAN’s Poser artwork.)

Now, I’m sure that serious bara fans would be able to provide me with links to Bara Of Unusual Size, but my point is that this sort of design seems to be the norm with Western gay comics and not so much with the Japanese ones. Likewise, and this is done less often (as there is a fair amount of “twink” art), this “super-sizing” also seems to apply to depictions of hypermasculinity in Western gay comics’ design — making all the guys super-furry, tough-looking and ideally wrapped up in a whole lotta leather. (Ultimately, I suppose we can thank the influence of Tom of Finland for much of this.) It just feels to me like it’s trying way too hard, protesting too much, so while Your Mileage May Vary, for me it’s a big meh. I’m just not much for extremes, in real life or in comic art, so there we are.

And now that I think of it, one reason why bara might often be hotter for me than much of yaoi probably has to do with avoiding another extreme — the hyperfeminization you often find in the design of male characters. Not surprisingly, as a gay man I like my guys to look like guys. Now of course, some yaoi artists like that too — and their art I often will find erotic — but for those who don’t, well I can appreciate the romance in those books, but it won’t get my motor running.

So bara carves out a bit of a happy medium for me in terms of how the guys look — and that makes its artwork especially appealing for me.

(And to be perfectly honest, I’ve found that there is some technical understanding of how gay sex usually works in real life that the bara creators seem to get a bit better. While there does seem to be a fair amount of the inevitable anal intercourse consummation that you find in yaoi works, there also seems to be a deeper awareness that oral sex and mutual masturbation are also considered equally valid and fulfilling ways for two guys to make love — and that anal sex isn’t necessarily something first-timers would be down for. I find this understanding makes the sex more believable for me and thus, ultimately, hotter. Again, I’m sure we could find yaoi/bara examples that disprove the rule, but speaking generally, this is a distinction I’ve found appealing.)

A Good Place to Start

So hopefully I’ll be able to add a number of links to this post, but I found that good place to start for a nice sample of bara in English is at

Baralover (EDIT 7/31/10: Yikes! For the past 24 hours the Baralover link has been delivering a 404 – Not Found page. πŸ™ Hopefully it’s a temporary glitch, but if it’s not resolved in a week, I’ll remove the link here… EDIT 8/17/10: It’s still down. I sent an email to the owner but did not receive a reply. I did find this update of sorts over at BARA Club. We’ll see how this develops. EDIT 9/1/10: And now we have an explanation — looks like Baralover is down for the count for the foreseeable future.)

So, in the meantime, please look below for links to more sites with English-translated bara!)

At this site you will find bara manga from a good-sized variety of creators all translated into English. Now, be warned, these are scanlations — meaning that the original creators have NOT been compensated for the work you are downloading. There is a complicated (and sometimes ignored) system of ethics that scanlators follow in order to respect the artists they admire that mostly boils down to “We will only make available works that you cannot already buy in English — and as soon as English-language versions are published, we will remove our scanlations and encourage you to buy the for-pay books.”

As a creator myself (with limited financial resources), I have mixed feelings about scanlations. On the one hand, I do believe that increasing the exposure of niche works can ultimately benefit creators and publishers commercially (which is why I am making and will continue to make available free downloads of some of our comics.) But, on the other hand, no one has asked any of these creators for their permission to post these works — and I certainly wouldn’t be happy to have that decision taken out of my hands. And no matter how you frame it, it is piracy — and at least according to a panel discussion I heard at YaoiCon, this sort of online piracy has devastated the manhwa market in Korea.

So please, please, please — if you like what you see in some of these links, do take the time to compensate the original creators. A few bucks from you makes a huge difference in how much future work they can create. (Check out the sections below for ways to find and pay creators for bara downloads.)


First off, if you’re liking this bara stuff, let me humbly suggest you take a moment to check out our comics, like Tough: “No Kissing” which has a hot guy-on-guy painted cover and art and is a free download for our subscribers. Just saying… πŸ™‚

Other great places (last update 8/4/11):
– Kyo, the original webmaster of Baralover just sent me the link to this saying “someone has made a sequel to my old Baralover website”. I’ve checked it out, and so far, it looks pretty great! πŸ™‚
– Lots of full scans of bara mangas from famous creators in an easy to read format. Most are scanlated into English. Definitely worth your time.
BARA – Club (+18) [Yaoi]
– Lots of hot images, lots of links to scanlated Bara. A nice forum to talk about it all. You have to register to get access to the links, but the process is quick and painless. Some pop-up windows seem to have been recently added, though…
– Bara boards site with lots of art (updated link!)
The Bara Forums
– Currently active discussions and postings on Bara (with lots of images), worth your time (but looks like the spammers might be taking over…)
Bara Club on MyAnimeList
SoupGoblin’s Stash
– A variety of bara-themed posts and images (includes some photos, some furry, but lots of bara art), definitely worth your time
Daphira Scans
– Not updated since 2007 but some good work
The baralovers community at LiveJournal
– Creator site with explicit bara, lots of nice images (NON-ENGLISH)
– chubby cartoonish bara, and all by the same artist (I think) NON-ENGLISH


On the plus side, these sites have well-drawn and very explicit pin-up art, often updated everyday. On the downside, they almost never credit the artist, which is frustrating as a viewer and deprives the artist of even the (non-consensual) gain of building a fan-base. Hopefully, the culture on these Tumblr blogs will change around that…

Bara all day, every day – does just what it says on the tin and the moderator seems willing to try to find out who the artists are if you ask nicely. For the artist’s sake, please ask. πŸ™‚

The Queer Geek – lots of bara, with some Western art and photos. Quite nice. Also seems to list the artist more than others, also nice. Should be your first stop just for that reason alone.

bara-onda – offers a mix of Japanese and Western art in a thumbnail layout. Not the most convenient set-up, but there were some pics here I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

Rainbow Robin – a mix of Western art, bara and real-life photos. (Seems to have a lot more gay porn photos/animated gifs lately. And the comics art mostly concerns Robin and Batman.)

FUCK YES YAOI – lots of bara and Western art as well as slash. States in its FAQ that “slash” and “yaoi” are “the exact same thing”, which might come as a surprise to some original BL creators, but the moderator also expresses an interest in crediting the artists which is, at least, a nice thought.

(I’d also be remiss not to include a link to Japanese Gay Art here where a lot of the nicer pieces in the blogs above seem to come from and where you can purchase work and support artists. It’s a really well done site — definitely check it out.)

Buying Bara E-Books

Right now, as far as I know, there isn’t any bara being published in English (yet!). And it’s hard to get enthusiastic about (and ultimately want to support) work you can’t read. So, I will continue to look at Bara scanlations. But after sampling a bara author’s work through a scanlation, I try to do the right thing — I look for ways to get the creator money. This is both to balance out the free-work I have enjoyed and also to offer the creator support so they can create future work to enjoy. How do I compensate these creators? I buy their Japanese-language works. And there are actually a couple ways you can easily do this.

First off, some Japanese manga creators offer for-pay downloads of their work — and this work is often more recent stuff that hasn’t been scanlated yet.

Let’s say you’ve become quite taken with Kowmeiism’s comic “Judo Boy” (the opening image in this post [of that guy with the sword] is also by the same creator). A Google search brings you to his Web site and there you find a Download link page with some of his for-pay e-books. You click on one of the DiGiket download links and — after clicking through the “Yes I Am 18” button [the first blue one on the left] — are brought to the DiGiket online manga marketplace page to download one of his manga.

At this point you might feel stymied — everything’s in Japanese, you see, and it’s not intuitively obvious how you’d pay for his work, let alone download it. Luckily, there is a simply excellent English-language walkthrough for how to download manga through DiGiket in a journal post over at elee0228’s DeviantArt page. Follow the instructions over at that page and it’s easy as pie to download DRM-free and very high-quality manga art.

(The payment method recommended by elee0228 is WebMoney — a Japanese form of electronic cash that uses special alphanumeric codes that you enter on payment Web sites. It’s very easy to use and it ensures your buying choices will be completely anonymous. In order to get myself some WebMoney to spend, I used which provided me the WebMoney codes nearly instantaneously and whom, based on that experience, I feel comfortable recommending. They sell WebMoney codes in 1000 point increments and Digiket is smart enough to prompt you for a 2nd WebMoney code for the balance remaining if your first code doesn’t have enough to cover the cost of the manga download, so there is no need to sweat not having exact Yen amounts for the codes you buy.)

UPDATE 2-27-10: Also, for extra easiness, be sure to check out the Yaoi section (sidebar on the left under “Interests/Fetishes”) of the English-language DLSite. Lots of options from Japanese creators, descriptions in English, you can use a regular credit card. Easy, peasy. Should be your first stop. (Just ignore the boobies on the home page… πŸ˜‰ )

UPDATE 12-27-10: And because some folks in the U.S. have been having a difficult time downloading from Digiket using WebMoney, a reader has created and allowed me to share a walkthrough for a similar Japanese site,, which also has the benefit of letting you use your regular credit card.

Buying Physical Bara Books

But what if a creator doesn’t have an e-book available over at DiGiket (or you can’t find it)?

A great place to get hardcopy Bara books is over at Rainbow Shoppers. They have a wide assortment of bara works that you can order including works by creators you’ll find on the Baralover page such as Takeshi Matsu and Tsukasa Matsuzaki. Just click on the “Comic” link in the left sidebar over at Rainbow Shoppers and work your way through the links it provides. They accept VISA and Mastercard and will ship to any location worldwide.

(Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I actually have not yet ordered from Rainbow Shoppers, but I know those who have and they’ve had good experiences. Of course, all the books are still in Japanese. But the artwork is still gorgeous — and if you really appreciate a creator’s work, don’t you want to do the right thing and help make sure they can afford to keep making it? I thought you did. πŸ™‚ )

I’ll Keep Updating This List — with your help!

So I hope you found this post a useful introduction to getting your hands on some of that bara art that we’ve all been hearing rumblings about for some time. If you know of any other links that should be included in this post, please let me know in the comments! πŸ˜€

(UPDATE: Tina Anderson has a nice listing of Japanese language sites and sources for bara at her blog — which is especially handy as it includes direct links to creators’ Web sites, including noting who sells at DiGiket. She also turned me on to the Top Ten List of Gay Comics over at Rainbow Shoppers.)

Hey! Want links to full-color yaoi/bara comics sent to you — for free? Just sign up over at our Free Comic page and we’ll send you the download link to our first comic right away!

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  1. Hi, I happen to be into 'muscle BL' also, and I love it. πŸ™‚

    You might want to point out that you can get most "bara" as western readers call it, from as well. What's being sold as 'Macho Type", "Manlove", or "Muscle" is still called 'BL' by publishers in Japan. So if you hit looking for 'bara', you won't find it. It helps to know the name of the mangaka.

    Also, Rainbow Shoppers has a huge doujinshi collection [original manlove comics by known mangaka] because they sell circle works also.

    On the Class Comics tip – I don't discount them too much these days; with titles like Angelface being licensed from France and original English comics like Mark of Aeucus and The Initiation, they're not just a publisher that caters to 'large-member' fetish comics anymore.

    As for Logan, he's an acquired taste πŸ™ I ain't down with that.

    Peace, Tina

    1. @gynocrat

      Hey Tina,

      Great to see you here. And thank you for the additional tips re: tracking down the bara. As always, you're super helpful.

      On the Class Comics tip – I don’t discount them too much these days; with titles like Angelface being licensed from France and original English comics like Mark of Aeucus and The Initiation, they’re not just a publisher that caters to ‘large-member’ fetish comics anymore.

      This is true. It does seem that they are expanding a bit more (and, if I recall correctly, they've also published some of your work, no? So, I don't want to paint them with TOO broad a brush.) That said, taking a look at the Angelface preview pages, I have to say those weenies look awful large to me. But then maybe I'm just not hanging with the right crowd…. so to speak… πŸ˜‰

      As for Logan, he’s an acquired taste πŸ™ I ain’t down with that.

      Yeah, me neither, but if those artistic chops could actually be used for human beings, imagine the hotness that could be created. I just think he has mad art skills. But I really like naturalistic character art, so his style has a special appeal.

      Hope things are good with you,


  2. RE: Angelface…maybe I'm too acclimated? ^_^ I know I'm in love with the historical style of the art and the story.

    As for my work, they published me ages ago–I submitted something to them last year, but it was too complicated of a script and I had no artist, so they took a pass. I think I'll try again sometime this summer. πŸ™‚

    You must read The Initiation! [Not for the plot, BTW]. Shifting gears a moment, the hottest thing that everyone is talking about in Gay manga right now is the doujinshi from Tsukasa Matsuaki and Takeshi Matsu called Shouka Dou. I don't know if it's good or not [I ordered one, still waiting] but the fact that these two artists are making a book together is…sort of hot. ^_^v

    1. @gynocrat

      You must read The Initiation!

      Hehe. I just checked out the movie version. Some nice art, but you know I'm all about the puppies and rainbows — where's the cuddling and the talking about your feelings? πŸ˜‰

      Shifting gears a moment, the hottest thing that everyone is talking about in Gay manga right now is the doujinshi from Tsukasa Matsuaki and Takeshi Matsu called Shouka Dou.

      Interesting. I'll definitely keep my eye out for that. Thanks for the tips!

  3. RS is a great place to get stuff. I've bought DVDs and tankoubons from them for years. As much as I troll around the Bara forums at AnonIB's, I still prefer getting a real copy over a digital one.

    Another good place to grab some titles would be It's mostly yaoi content but they do have some bara stuff. I once ordered 8kgs worth of books there and it arrived safely. Haven't been getting stuff there lately since RS tries to stock faster.

    I once tried this store – – with great results. They were able to find me hard to find manga though somewhat expensive given than both RS and JPQueen don't have them. Their other manga are mostly mainstream and at great prices. Warning on the shipping costs though since this is from Japan.

  4. Wow, great new site makeover! I'm really glad you posted this article, because Yaoi has not been turning me on at all. That's why I sort of moved on to other non-Yaoi manga. Bara manga seems to be the type of manga I've wanted all this time, but why isn't there an English Bara manga publisher? Maybe it's too 'out there' for today's manga community, but it can still have lots of success in the Yaoi community. I think Bara comics are great for all those gay men who couldn't really find something to hold on to in Yaoi. Thanks for the great links! After looking through those links, I had to go to my room and settle down a bit before I could come back to my computer! πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Thanks for the menonyaoi plug on your blogroll! I haven't really been posting on it lately, though, 'cause I stopped reading Yaoi…

    1. Originally Posted By artdjmasterWow, great new site makeover!

      Hey, thanks! Yeah, it was time for a change. I'd been looking around for some time for a new look that would be right for the blog, but I hadn't found anything until I stumbled across this theme. I'm still going through and dusting off a few of the bugs, but so far, I'm really liking it too. πŸ˜€

      I’m really glad you posted this article, because Yaoi has not been turning me on at all. That’s why I sort of moved on to other non-Yaoi manga. Bara manga seems to be the type of manga I’ve wanted all this time, but why isn’t there an English Bara manga publisher?

      I'm glad you liked the article. πŸ™‚ I don't have a crystal ball or anything, but I'm betting in a few years (or less) you will see some English-language bara publishers. Publishing is a dangerous, expensive, high-risk undertaking — and a potential publisher wants to make sure there is actual interest in a genre before committing resources. There was a growing fandom for yaoi in the West for a number of years before English-language publishers took the plunge. I imagine the same thing will happen with bara — it's just too hot not to get noticed, right? πŸ˜‰

      (Also, creator Tina Anderson has clued me into the fact that bara is actually becoming a fairly popular genre even in Japan which I think is another promising sign.)

      Thanks for the great links! After looking through those links, I had to go to my room and settle down a bit before I could come back to my computer! <img src="; alt=";)" class="wp-smiley">

      Yeah, I had to, ahem, "settle down" a bit too after reading some of those comics. πŸ˜‰ They're a lot of fun. I'd definitely recommend downloading some of the work from Digiket — it's not super-expensive and it'd be a great way to support the creators in making more of that manga you find hot.

      And, as this blog is all about the inclusiveness, I will try to write more articles/reviews about bara as I come across them. And if you find anything in your journeys, please stop back here and let us know!


      P.S. Happy to link to your blog. Hopefully, you'll find some yaoi soon that's more to your tastes — and certainly no reason why you couldn't review the bara as well. πŸ˜‰

  5. Good morning! (Well, it's morning to me!) I don't think I've mentioned this before, and felt I needed to!

    This entry on "How to Find Bara in English" and "What is Bara?" along with Tina Anderson's comments and her GGY entry on Bara are all entries that I find myself stumbling back to constantly in my internet travels. I find them all very helpful, clear and extremely useful. They are also fun-to-read while helping me know more of this genre which fascinates me.

    Thanks for that!

  6. @ButterflyFomori

    You're very welcome! πŸ˜€ I feel so grateful to the readers of this blog and our comics, that I'm always delighted when I can actually provide a service to them. How to Find Bara in English is something that I've been updating as I've found more sites and will continue to update in the future, so it's worth checking back to every now and then.

    (And as our comics will most likely straddle both worlds, I find the genre of bara pretty fascinating too…)

    Thanks for the props and for letting me know you found it useful!

  7. what i like more on bara than the other western comics is that they have the STORY…

    it’s not just about sex…it can be dramatic, funny, romantic yet pornographic…hehehehe…

    my favorite of all the bara comics are the works of takeshi matsu (am i right with the name? hehehehe)…

    so keep up the good work guys…

    btw, this blog really helps me a lot in connection with the topic!!!

    good day!

  8. @senti89 – Hmm, for me, I don’t usually read highly pornographic comics for the story *wink*

    If I want a good story, I usually look for notable shonen-ai (hopefully, that term still means ‘tame Yaoi’). When sex is not involved, I usually find I pay attention to the story better. Otherwise, if there’s sex, I skip to those pages and then I’m done with it, heh heh πŸ˜‰ Then I fall asleep *wink wink*

  9. @senti89

    Well, I too am a big believer in story. It’s hard for me to find something hot if time isn’t taken to develop the characters compellingly — at least a little. And if it’s just all about sex — without any interesting plotting, well, then, I kind of feel about those stories the same way I feel about comedies that are trying too hard to make me laugh — resistant. πŸ˜‰

    (I know I’m a little unusual in this regard. Many folks aren’t big fans of “laugh tracks” in sitcoms, but I really don’t like them. And in truth, it’s a rare sitcom that really holds my interest. I’m much more interested in watching a drama that has lots of smart humor than a show that is doing anything it can to make me laugh. And I feel the same way about my romance and erotica: create a comic that is just about trying to turn me on and I’ll often just shrug my shoulders; tell me a great story that also happens to be really hot and I’m yours.)

    Now, I know that there are those who would argue that there are Western gay comics that have plot. I think Tina has recommended Babyface (but I haven’t read it) . I can think of various gay comedy strips that have plot and there’s Max & Sven , which was entertaining and had plot/character development (but really was more of a newspaper serial than a true graphic novel.)

    I suppose the truth is, I’m not really aware of any plot-driven Western gay male comics — my favorite gay comic growing up was always Alison Bechdel’s Dykes To Watch Out For — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Perhaps another reader would care to step up with some recommendations?

    Anyway, thank you very much for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again here soon. πŸ˜€


    That’s interesting, Oliver — and good that you provide the other side of the equation. Me, I need the story, but I can understand that for others it would be a… distraction. πŸ˜‰ There’s a reason why the majority of Western gay comics just focus on “the good stuff”. I suppose my goal with Yaoi 911 is just to fill in the gap for the rest of us, who want the hot sex and an engaging plot.


  10. I have to ask – what is manga is the Kowmeiism image from?

    He looks a LOT like Genzo Wakabayashi from Captain Tsubasa –

    and they have some uber hawt comics at Rainbow Shopper- yowzah!

    thanks for creating this site – I'm having fun checking everything out πŸ™‚

  11. @deegroovy

    That image is taken from Kowmeiism's for-pay digital download "bokuboku" which you can find the DiGiket link for on his Download page. The download file contains a complete full-color short comic with that character as well as variations of that image, including full nudity (and not the crop that I added to show on this site.) If you like the art, I think it's worth the 800 yen. πŸ˜€

    And I'm really glad you're having fun exploring the site — and delighted you're taking the time to share your thoughts. It's much appreciated! Please keep visiting us — and tell all your friends!

  12. Thanks for the information on bara, Alex. I"m not a fan of the huge penis-baton, and the swollen,vein-popping herc builds myself. I do like men who look like men though. If I'm not attracted to women, why would I want to look at effeminate men? I'm going to check this out and when I get my first bara manga I'll let you know how well I liked it. This site is great too. I'll definitely be back to check out your latest updates. πŸ˜€

  13. @sagewhistler

    Thanks for the props! And yeah, I'm the same way when it comes to how I like my men depicted. (That said, I often find the plots of yaoi a bit more to my taste then some of the harder core bara stuff which often can take the non-con stuff to extremes. I mean, yaoi can go there too — and not all bara is like that, but speaking in generalities here… But when it comes to what I find hot, well, bara often has the edge there just from the character design perspective…)

    I look forward to seeing you here again and please let me know what you think of the bara you read! πŸ˜€

  14. I use to be a fan of yaoi, the one where one of the guys is more like a girl then an actual girl. But then I read about Bara and I went and read some of the manga. Now I am hooked, I don’t even like the “norm” yaoi anymore. Bara is fantastic and the best in my book. Because I want to see two men that really look like men.

    Bara all the way!!~XD

  15. @Mayuhito

    Yeah, I like my guys to look like guys too — and for that bara definitely delivers. πŸ™‚ Story-wise there are still things that keep me coming back to yaoi, but if I'm looking for a story that'll get my motor running, bring on the real men!

    Thank you for commenting!

  16. Thank you so much for this article and for the many links you offer! And, yes, I, too, definitely prefer masculine-looking men. Put that together with the kind of romantic themes you find in yaoi, and I'll be in Japanese reading heaven!

  17. @dgmex1

    Well, remember there are instructions for navigating Digiket in the post above — if you follow those instructions, you should be able to pay for Kowmeiism's work (and get more!) without needing to know any Japanese.

    That said, there is at least one of Kowmeiism's works on the English language DLSite. The site navigation is all in English and you can use your credit card. It's not the Judo Boy comic specifically — it's "Master and Pupil" — but the art for it is still very nice.

    Either way, I applaud you for wanting to support a creator's work by, you know, actually paying for it! Go you! πŸ˜€

  18. This post have been extremely helpful, but I would like to ask if anyone could recommend a site or a guide to use surpara site for buying mangas and other yaoi stuff. The censor there is less demanding then it is on digiket.

  19. Umm I've come across a small problem. You see I tried to use that guide to buy manga on digiket, but the thing is for me that option web money is gray and I cant click on it. I don't know what to do any help is welcome. I'm sorry that I post one request for help after another, I don't know any place to turn to for this assistance.

  20. @UltimaST

    Howdy UltimaST,

    I've just tried to purchase something at Digiket and you're right — WebMoney is greyed-out! That's a bummer. Here you are — a conscientious reader looking to pay the creator for his hard work — and you can't! Grr.

    Well, I've sent an email message to Kanetrade to see if they know what's going on. If they can't tell me anything, then I have a good friend, fluent in Japanese, who I'll be seeing in a couple weeks. I'll ask him to email Digiket and find out if this can be fixed.

    In the meantime, you might see if the Yaoi section of the English-language DLSite has anything you might like.

    I really appreciate you wanting to support the creators. I'll let you know what I find out!


    P.S. And no need to apologize for the comments — I'm always glad to help when I can!

  21. Hi there, I'm the co-owner over at the bara club (BARA Club-(18+) [Yaoi] ) on nihonomaru…thank you so much for mentioning us, as well as providing a link to our club. I was pleasantly suprised at seeing it because I have often referred to your article here for bara information…it is quite resourceful and enjoyable to read. I had also included a link to your article from my club. Great minds and all…please do come and enjoy the bara…I update my manga links, etc. regularly. Take care, thanks again. πŸ™‚

  22. Since there was no response in some time, I take it that there will be no webmoney option available? If that is the case, can you recommend another way to get manga from digiket? I tried my visa credit card but it was refused and I don't know how to use the other options still available there.

  23. @UltimaST

    Well… I went back and forth with this with someone from Kanetrade. It seems like the Webmoney link works great in Japan, just not here. On June 9th I got this response from Kanetrade:

    Dear Alex

    Thank you for your screen copy. It seems that the webmoney is not avaible from oversea. I will contact you if I find resolution for this.

    Let me shoot her another email to see if there is any progress. In the meantime, have you looked for the manga on the English language DLSite? Sometimes creators cross-post their work there….

    I'll keep looking into this…

  24. @UltimaST

    Ok – here is the response I got from Kanetrade.

    Hello, Alex

    Because I don’t have a proxy of IP address in other coutry, I can
    get the page which can not be paid by Webmoney. I also used the proxy site to have a try (
    But the payment option for webmoney it still valid. I don’t know why. You can have use the to
    access to have a try. If you can still get the invalid payment of Webmoney page, maybe the
    reason for this is not the IP address. If you can get the valid page .. that is the solution πŸ™‚

    So, that seems to be the best solution they have to offer — to access Digiket using a proxy server that hides your IP address. I personally have not tried using these proxy servers on (although I’m familiar with some of the names on this list) so I cannot vouch for them.. I’d do your own research on them and make up your own mind. If you decide to use them, I certainly wouldn’t input any personal information (like a credit card) because there is always the risk that someone else could be “listening in”. That said, Webmoney might be OK– Webmoney codes are one-time use and that would limit how bad it is if anybody intercepts the code you’re entering. Again, you must decide. (If you’ve already bought a lot of Webmoney, the decision to try might be the logical one, I suppose.)

    At this point, the only other solution I can think of is to reach out to Digiket directly. Please let me know if Kanetrade’s solution meets your needs. If not, I’ll try contacting Digiket and see if I can make any progress there.

    Hope this helps!


  25. Thanx for the help so far, the proxi didn’t help the option is still invalid. Maybe I didn’t do it right but I tried many different ways and none helped. If however you can contact digiket I guess we can give it a try. Nothing els I can do my Japanese is nearly non existent. Maybe asking the artist to publish hes work on other sites too like surpara they have far less censor demand and allow use of oversee credit cards. I bought some stuff from there already. Don’t know why digiket whats to be so private. Thats not money making attitude. Thank you again for helping me so much πŸ™‚

  26. I just discovered Baralover thru the link in your post, and I had to say thank you! Unfortunately, after a few days of reading,it seems the site has closed πŸ™ Do you have any other links for bara in english? Seems the couple sites I’ve gone to are in japanese.

  27. @UltimaST

    You’re welcome – happy to try to help. πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear that that did not work for you, though. All right. I’ll try asking a Japanese-speaking friend of mine to reach out to Digiket and ask what’s going on. It might take a while to hear back, but I will let you know.


    Yes – yesterday, another reader pointed out to me that Baralover is now pointing to a 404 page. I was hoping it was just a temporary glitch – but it’s been going on for at least 24 hours. If it doesn’t resolve mid-week, I’ll have to remove Baralover from my links. πŸ™

    That said, if you read further down in the post, you will find lots of other links to sites that offer bara translated in English. I’d take a look at BARA CLUB, for example – you should be able to find more works of interest there. πŸ™‚

  28. I was very sad when baralover got deleted. There really aren’t that many places to find it for free online. I did find one other site not listed here though, not very many authors but it does have quite a few of the works of Takeshi Matsu, who is one of my favorites. Here’s the link, if anyone’s interested:

  29. Hey, I just started my own site with all original artwork. Not sure if you guys would like it or not but it’s worth a click right? I’m really trying to get some traffic so I can keep doing it.

    Thanks in advance for any critique! Also feel free to make suggestions or requests.. I’ll take anything into consideration.

  30. I’ve tried buying products from Rainbow Shoppers and there was a problem, when I typing the forms,on the card holder section they have only the part where You fill out Your first and last name but no middle initial,just to put an awareness out there

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