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So, I’m hard at work on a new script right now, which gives me a great excuse to refer my Gentle Readers to some of my favorite blogs (to make up for my lack of any new 72 page articles this week, of course. ;-)) And near the top of my list has to be MangaBlog, written with wit and style by Brigid Alverson. A general manga site (but yaoi friendly), it keeps me up to date on the latest happenings both in the general manga scene and the manga blogosphere in particular. I especially like Brigid’s manga reviews which are pithy, helpful and often very funny.

She also offers a podcast which is worth a listen as well — and not just because they gave me a nice shout out of encouragement to “follow my dream.” Ordinarily, I’m not much for podcasts (I edit audio and video in ten hour stretches, so I’m kind of over absorbing information that way by the end of my day), but I have to admit, on-air personality Jack Tse had me giggling more than once with his zany reactions to Brigid’s posts. Takes a little bit of time before he starts to let loose, but it’s worth it, just to hear the way he says “WHAAA??”

Explore the larger manga scene and pop by MangaBlog — I think you’ll like what you see.

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