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Artifice Happy Ending Wallpaper

New Artifice Wallpaper, new Artifice books and I’ll be at Wondercon 2013!

Take a look at the brand new Artifice wallpaper Winona painted and (finally!) be able to order copies of the printed version of Artifice!

Thumbnail of "Junkyard" wallpaper by Ponderosa

Yaoi Art: “Junkyard” Pin-up by Ponderosa

Something new! An exclusive yaoi computer wallpaper just for our subscribers. Take a look!

What Readers Think of the New Printed Copies of <em>Tough</em>

What Readers Think of the New Printed Copies of Tough

Exciting news! You can now get nice printed copies of the Tough chapters from Comixpress and a bunch of readers who already got their copy sent in pictures of themselves holding their comic and shared what they thought!

Mike CU Over Black

“No Kissing” T-Shirts

You folks with all your kind words got me so jazzed on the Tough project that I decided to create a T-shirt with my favorite panel from “No Kissing”. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Cover for "No Kissing"

Yaoi Art: Painted Cover Art for “No Kissing”

We’re hard at work putting the final touches on the second chapter of our High School gay romance Tough, “No Kissing.” And the first thing I have to share is another wonderful painted cover by kick-ass artist Winona Nelson!

Yaoi Art: Painted Cover Art For "Tough"

Yaoi Art: Painted Cover Art For “Tough”

I have something very exciting to show you. As I’ve mentioned “Tough” is the first chapter in a two volume, seven chapter graphic novel, Tough (it gets its title from this first chapter). Well, our artist Winona Nelson has just finished painting the cover art for the book and here it is!

Yaoi 911™ in <em>Prism Guide 2008</em>

Yaoi 911™ in Prism Guide 2008

So late last year, I was chatting with my buddy and colleague, Tommy Roddy — he’s the creator of Pride High, a series of comics about gay teen superheroes in high school — and he turned me on to this guide that comes out once a year which offers readers excerpts from a bunch of gay comics. It’s created by the folks at Prism Comics and serves as a kind of a who’s who and what’s what for the gays in both mainstream and independent Western comics.

Anyway, I reached out to them, one thing led to another and now there’s an excerpt from “A Shot in the Dark” in the current issue!

Free Yaoi Comic For Registered Users

Free Yaoi Comic For Registered Users

So let me tell you, we’ve been awful busy lately putting together the book — super busy, crazy busy, so busy, in fact, that I haven’t had a chance to mention yet that the first story in the book. “A Shot in the Dark,” is completely finished and ready for public consumption. Well, all that is going to change right now. I’ll be posting its final pages up here (like I’ve done with its in-production pages ) sometime soon, but in the meantime, I’d like to give out a preview PDF of this complete full-color yaoi comic to those readers who’ve registered their email address with this blog. Just as a special treat. 🙂