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The Legend of Bold Riley

The Legend of Bold Riley → I just read The Legend of Bold Riley and I have to say, if you like what I’m doing with my comics, you need to read it too.  Great writing, cool art and the story is totally in line with what I’m trying to do with my own work. […]


Cloud Atlas Mini Review

Just saw an advance screening of Cloud Atlas. One SPOILER ahead. The short review is that while it has more than a few preposterous moments and while there are times where the conceit of using the same actor for multiple roles is a distraction, overall it was entertaining. 3 out of 4 stars (with an […]

Adamo Anthology Cover

Yaoi Review: Adamo Anthology

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but it’s got one stunningly well-plotted story and one story full of provocative sex. Should you buy this self-published Western boys love anthology? Read on to find out!


Gay for You? Yaoi Manga for GBLTQ Readers

So, I had a really great time at NYCC! I’ll try to share some pics and video later, but the most fun was the panel I was on: “Gay for You? Yaoi and Yuri Manga for GBLTQ Readers”. We had a really great turnout and I learned a lot from my fellow panelists. Gay for […]

Yaoi Review: <em>Loud Snow</em> by Tina Anderson and Amelie Belcher

Yaoi Review: Loud Snow by Tina Anderson and Amelie Belcher

Not without its flaws, this is a sweet and engaging yaoi comic by independent Western creators that delivers laughs and smiles. If you like your guy-on-guy romance to be cute and fun with strong characters who get adorably worked up and deserve to be together, it’s definitely worth the Kindle price of $4.99 and even the $8.00 pre-order for the print book. You won’t be disappointed.

Yaoi Review: Party Favors

Yaoi Review: Party Favors

Alex brings a yummy chocolate cake to a manga BBQ and leaves with a bag full of yaoi to review. Read on to find out whether Kumiko Suekane’s “world without girls” fantasy Once Upon A Glashma or Lily Hoshino’s virgin-sacrificing Chocolate Surprise are worth dipping your chips into.

Yaoi Review: <em>Future Lovers</em> by Saika Kunieda

Yaoi Review: Future Lovers by Saika Kunieda

Likable, non-cliché characters with real depth, great art and an exceptionally solid and credible love story make for a great read. Despite a somewhat weaker, more conventional B-story, this book is definitely worth your $12.95.

Gay Comic Review: <em>The Book of Boy Trouble</em> Edited by Robert Kirby and David Kelly

Gay Comic Review: The Book of Boy Trouble Edited by Robert Kirby and David Kelly

This is a great book of short comics — especially for young guys in the early stages of coming out. It pulls no punches when it comes to the realities of sex and drugs and feels totally real, but the overall tone is light, hopeful and full of energy. You aren’t going to hang any of the art on your wall, but you will definitely want to read each of these stories more than once. Even more authentic than Max & Sven, it should be part of every gay youth’s library. If you like comics of guys who fall in love with other guys, you should buy this book.

Gay Comic Review: <em>Max & Sven</em> by Tom Bouden

Gay Comic Review: Max & Sven by Tom Bouden

An often funny, truly poignant and honestly illuminating view of what it is to grow up gay at the turn of the millennium. Despite its cartoony art and occasional comic misfires, this book has characters you care about wanting things that matter. Out of all the books I’ve reviewed so far on this blog, this graphic novel does the best job of sharing what it is really like to be a young gay man — and it does so in an entertaining and engaging way. If you are looking for a good story with many good chuckles and some hot, cartoony sex, you should buy this book.

Gay Comic Review: <em>Side by Side</em> by Mioki

Gay Comic Review: Side by Side by Mioki

A full-color, nearly plot-free, 119-page graphic novel with very beautiful and very shallow young, white twinks having explicit, clean, joyful and idealized sex for love and money. If you need actual plot and compelling characters to enjoy a romance comic, this book will disappoint. If, however, you like the kind of guys depicted in Freshmen magazine and your needs can be satisfied mostly visually, you should run, not walk, to pick up this book.

Gay Comic Review: <em>Manly</em>

Gay Comic Review: Manly

This talk-free graphic novel clearly intends to be both hot and sweet. So far as porn goes, it is definitely sweet — and I found that pleasing. Whether you find it hot will depend on how much you like the character design, how much character development you require to actually want the characters to have sex and how much enthusiasm you have for explicit cum shots. It struck out for me on all of those accounts, but I know my tastes are rather singular. On their website, the publisher lets you review the first 30 pages of the book. This is a well-constructed, well-endowed and good-hearted porn graphic novel — if you like what you see in those first 30 pages, you won’t be disappointed with the rest.

Yaoi Review: <em>Constellations In My Palm</em> by Chisako Sakuragi & Yukine Honami

Yaoi Review: Constellations In My Palm by Chisako Sakuragi & Yukine Honami

It’s an enjoyable if sometimes frustrating read. Writer Chisako Sakuragi is skilled enough to give us believable characters and avoid cliché. Artist Yukine Honami’s art is as sweet as ever. Had the protagonist been less passive and a little smarter, this story of kissing cousins could have been a lot more fun. As it is, it’s a pleasant diversion. A must for Honami-sensei completists; one the rest of us should buy only if you can’t borrow it from a friend.

Yaoi Review: <em>Seduce Me After the Show</em> by Est Em

Yaoi Review: Seduce Me After the Show by Est Em

Well, hell, finally an 18-and-over book that you might honestly need to be over 18 to fully appreciate. These are thoughtful stories for grown-ups that subtly and compellingly share moments of human connection. It’s a book that you’ll read through and then immediately read through again just to savor the nuances. If you think that yaoi has the potential to be great literature as well as a great time, you need to buy this book. Hell, even if you don’t give a damn about great literature, buy the book anyway — it’ll be the best yaoi book you’ll read this year.

Yaoi Review: <em>Say Please</em> by Kano Miyamoto

Yaoi Review: Say Please by Kano Miyamoto

I kept on reading it, straight-through. That says something. But this book shows more promise than actual skill. The art is competent and the author’s interest in complex relationships might pay dividends in future works but, despite the more ambitious material, overall the experience of this book feels like the same-old, same-old. From what I understand, this is not the strongest of Miyamoto-sensei’s works. There’s enough here for me to be willing to give another of her books a try, but I really can’t recommend you putting down hard earned cash for it.

Yaoi Review: <em>Little Butterfly 2</em> by Hinako Takanaga

Yaoi Review: Little Butterfly 2 by Hinako Takanaga

Little Butterfly 2 gives us more sweet and smart yaoi romance that will make you chuckle and smile again and again. If you liked the first book, you should definitely buy this one as well.