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Howdy 🙂

I’ve gotten several requests for this, so I’ve decided to make my “tweets” public for anyone who might be interested. My Twitter username is “alexwoolfson“. And in the spirit of fellow self-publisher and all-around cool guy Wil Wheaton, I’m letting you know here what to expect from me on Twitter.

(Oh, and what is Twitter, you ask? Well, it’s one of those online things you actually have to try out to truly appreciate — I dragged my feet on joining my friends on it for over a year because I just didn’t get the point — but here is a pretty good introduction. You should also read that Wil Wheaton post, too, just to get a very experienced perspective. Basically, Twitter users write short 140 character messages that are broadcast to anyone who “follows” you. These “tweets” are, in theory, answering the question “What are you doing?” but are really used for anything you want to share with your friends and the world.)

I don’t tweet a lot about yaoi

For me, Twitter is mostly a quick way for me to share what I’m thinking about or find cool in a given moment to my friends (and you, Dear Reader, I certainly think of as a friend!) Whereas, I try to stay completely on-topic on this blog, Twitter is a chance for me to share and comment about all the other things that turn me on. I do tweet the milestones with our comics (such as receiving new art I’m excited about), but mostly I’m commenting about media I’m enjoying (usually sci-fi TV or movies), making comics in general, writing in general, social media in general, marketing ideas for book publishers, cool tech toys and sometimes just how I’m feeling. It’s like tiny samples of my mind shouted out to the universe two or three times a day.

It’s personal, baby

Now, I do my absolute best to make sure everything I write on this blog will have value to a lot of people and especially yaoi fans. I spend a lot of time on my posts here and think very hard about what I’m going to post about before hitting that Publish button. But for me, Twitter is best when it’s uncensored personal sharing — when I don’t spend a lot of time trying to make a tweet perfect or even really thinking about it much at all. If it’s on my mind, it’s sent out on Twitter.

This means that my signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter is going to be a lot lower than it is here. And what you’ll read about through my Twitter account is more about me, personally, than it is about yaoi or any of the other topics on this blog. If reading stuff like that appeals to you, definitely check me out on Twitter. If not, my feelings won’t be hurt — in fact, I’d totally understand. Stick with the blog.

(Oh, and you probably shouldn’t follow my tweets on your phone. I tweet at all hours, even very early in the morning. Save your sanity and save my Tweets for your Twitter homepage or your computer. 🙂 )

I do read all of my @alexwoolfson replies

And if things aren’t too crazy, I will definitely respond back. I do read every one of those @alexwoolfson replies and your thoughts and interest in me and my work are much appreciated. In fact, the comments I have received on this blog and through that Feedback button (down in the lower right of every blog page) have really been awesome support and make all the hard work worthwhile. You, Dear Reader, are why I am making these comics — and your thoughts and opinions matter a lot to me. If I’m swamped with writing a script or notes for our artists, it might take me a bit to get back — but I will absolutely try my best!

So, why follow Alex on Twitter?

To recap, you should follow me:

  • if you want to know more about me personally
  • if you want to see sneak previews of Yaoi 911 art
  • if you’d want to learn about writing, how to make comics, marketing your art/writing, smart ways to use social media (like Twitter and Facebook) or how to successfully publish your own work
  • if you’d want to see videos and other topics that just tickle the geek in me
  • if you like my sense of humor
  • if you’d actually care what I’d have to say about sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and movies

Still undecided? You can see some of my most current tweets over in the sidebar on the right. And you can follow me (and/or read even more of my tweets) over at my Twitter page.

See you there! 😀



  1. I was wondering, would you be interested in having a high school student intern with you? I mean… You're based in SF if I recall correctly, and that isn't far from me… and for my senior year I have to intern for 50 hours in a place that pertains to my chosen carrier. I can't think of a place better to intern than with a writer and their staff, as I've already told you I'd like to be a writer. Hence the random question. It's perfectly fine if you say no, I still have til the end of next school year to start/finish my internship.

    Thank you for your time~
    Jade "Ris-Chan"

    P.S. Still a big fan~! ^_^

  2. @Jade Merciful

    Hey Jade — that's exciting to hear that you're finishing up your senior year — senior year for me was actually a lot of fun, so I hope you're having a blast and enjoying making preparations for the next big thing.

    And yes, there are times when having an intern would be very helpful for me, but honestly, at this time, we don't have 10 hours of work, let alone 50 hours to offer someone. We're a pretty small operation, after all, and almost all of the work I conduct with the people I hire is carried out over email. While this may changw once some more of our work is out there, IMHO, right now you'd be better off reaching out to a publishing company, like say VIZ, that has a system in place to bring on interns and, I'd imagine, have ways to make that experience worth all the effort and time those hardworking interns put into their work.

    If working on with a yaoi publisher is more your thing, you might check out DMP. They are actually listing for an Intern right now:

    They might be a bit of a hike from where you live, but at least they are in CA. And they might know of other opportunities that are more local to you.

    Good luck! 😀


  3. @Alex Woolfson

    Ha~ I wish I was finishing up my senior year, I'm just trying to plan in advanced. I'm still in the beginning of my Junior year. I have a collage I want to go to, so I'm trying to get myself all set to go now. Right now it's all just stress though…

    It's alright, I'd be more likely to pester the heck out of you. I'll admit it, I'm a pain in the butt, expecially when I'm excited. I'd be trying to make suggestions and a lot of that, when it really isn't my place. I'd MAKE 50 hours of work XD I'm terrible, I know…

    That'd be cool, going straight to a publishing company… Maybe I could make my senior project getting one of my books published ^_^ That would be soo awesome~! But I'm dreaming too large again, I got to get through Junior year before I can get through Senior year and get to the fun stuff XD

    My mother would kill me if I took up an Internship RIGHT now… Where are they (DMP) based? Yeah, most places are "a bit of a hike" from where I live, according to my mother… >_< but she'd try for me ^_^ Main problem for me right now is ballancing school work and everything else… Can't wait til next year, cuz this summer I might get to go to L.A. with a friend and I'll get to see a dear friend and soo much is just waiting for me in Senior year!! ^_^ I get too excited too soon… I need to focus on the NOW. Anyway, I digress, talk to you later~

  4. @Alex Woolfson

    Haha~ No, I'm a junior, in the beginning of my junior year, I'm just planning ahead, because we're allowed to ^_^ I'm making lots of preperations becuase I know what Collage I want to go to, so I'm trying to make sure I meet all thier requirements.

    I could Make 50 hours of work, but I get your point. My mom was thrilled with the idea of me working for/with you though. Since I have pleanty of ideas and suggestions I really could come up with 50 hours of work… Especially if I was trying to get a book of my own published for my senior end of year project.

    Working with VIZ or another major publishing company, though appealing, probably wouldn't work, because I don't know how well they would take to me and my being ambitious. I'd probably be kicked out (if I even managed to get in) within two hours XD

    I'd love to Intern now, but mom would kill me for it… I'm not doing too well at the moment so, it's a big no no as far as this year is concerned, but I'll keep DMP in mind for next school year or over the summer. ^_^ I'll check it out to find out where they are in perspective to me though. Thanks for all the help ^_^


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