Alex is speaking at NYCC on October 9th!

So, this is cool. I’ve been invited to speak at a panel at the New York City Comic Con, talking about what it’s like to read and enjoy yaoi as a gay guy. There are a bunch of other cool folk speaking on the panel as well, including Christopher Butcher of the awesome comics blog, Comics212; Leyla Aker, one of Viz’s senior editorial managers; Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, an editor of BLU from Tokyopop; and Erica Friedman, President and Founder of Yuricon & ALC Publishing. Robin Brenner, Creator & Editor in Chief of NotFlyingNoTights, a “Web site reviewing graphic novels for teens”, will be moderating and discussing the results of a survey of reactions from queer folk.

I will admit, I’m a bit intimidated to be on a panel with such heavy hitters, but I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun. And I’d love it if some of you going to NYCC would stop by to say hi. Hope to see you there! 😀

Here’s the details:

Gay for You? Yaoi and Yuri Manga for GBLTQ Readers

Date: Saturday, October 9
Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Location: Room 1E12
Speaker: TBA
Track: NYCC/NYAF Panels
Description: Depending on who you’re talking to, yaoi and yuri manga are adored or reviled. These same sex romances challenge manga conventions of sexuality, romance, intended audience, and appeal. Or do they? Join a panel of manga commentators, reviewers, creators and librarians to debate the joys and disappointments of GLBTQ fans reading yaoi and yuri manga.

(Oh, and a heads up! I’m just now putting the final touches on some preview pages for Chapter 3 of Tough that I’m eager to share with you here on the blog — so please stay tuned for that as well!)



  1. OH heeeey! That is very exciting! I think you have ever right to be there–and your opinions and thoughts will be valued, I’m sure! Being a a ‘heavy-hitter’ or a light-hitter doesn’t matter; what matters is the individual!

    The forum seems oddly askew…I don’t know how many of those people on the board are actually the voice of GLBTQ…Although I’m sure they all have interesting perspectives…I wonder if they are willing to be personal about it all though; it would make their opinions stronger.

    When I went into the Beguiling, (the comic shop that Chris Butcher manages), I was impressed with his organization and selection of manga and indie gay comics, but not with his staff…;_; The organization was wonderful: by GENRE, not by alphabet, as major bookstore chains do…>_< And floor to ceiling–yes, floor to ceiling–yaoi manga in the upstairs of an old, classic Toronto house converted to a bookstore… Beautiful!

    The sound of a high-pitched, constant hum could be heard for the entire time I was in his store…I was THAT excited…wait…wait…maybe that's why his staff weren't very friendly…LOL. I want to work there…*sighs dreamily and wonders how the impact of customers perception would be on the store if a wildly enthusiastic, middle-aged, weird-looking lady greeted them…* But HEY! Any manga question–any!–, I gots the answer in my big, big old-lady purse…*is so arrogant*

    Anyway, I digress in self-absorption! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope the discussion provides a variety of perspectives. If I was there, I'd be listening carefully to what you say! Probably just made you more nervous, right….lol.

    *thinks about bus fare to New York from Toronto…*


    1. Hey, thank you! I wish you could be there too! 🙂

      In terms of the gay representation, I know Chris and Erica are fellow travelers, but I’m not sure about the others. IMHO, because this is going to be a discussion, I think it would be good to actually have straight fangirls on the panel. One of the things that I really like about yaoi is that it gives a common point of reference, a common interest, that crosses genders and sexualities in a way that of very rare with any genre, and nearly unheard of with erotic works. I love that the same thing that turns me on can also turn on my female best friends (both straight and lesbian). Makes for very interesting conversations. Frankly, that’s one of the things on love about the comments I get on this blog! 😉

      Anyway, it’s great to see you here. Thanks again for your support. And for the record, I think you’d be awesome in comics retail. 😉

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