Hi, Alex Woolfson here, and I’m a gay guy who is making my own yaoi books for both women and other gay guys. This website is dedicated to sharing information about our upcoming Yaoi 911™ series of graphic novels. It covers all aspects of the process of creating these books, gives you special previews of scripts and art (with the cute boys…) and lets you learn firsthand about yaoi comics and what it’s like to publish a full-color English-language yaoi book. Along the way, I offer reviews of yaoi and other gay comics, talk a bit about the world of publishing guy-on-guy romance, share thoughts and tips about writing, show an occasional video and discuss other topics of interest to the yaoi-loving community.

If you like seeing fun, action-packed guy-on-guy romance — or are interested in creating your own yaoi book — this is the site for you!

Get A Free Comic!

Ultimately, we’re going to be publishing books for sale. But while we’re working on creating those books, we’re making some of our comics available as free downloads. We’ve been sending out our first short comic, a full-color magic rescue-fantasy called “A Shot in the Dark”. And now the first and second chapter of our gay teen Boys Love graphic novel Tough is available for download, too! (And that 2nd chapter has some very nice art with the cute boys, let me tell you… 😀 )

So, how do you get our free comics? Just fill in your name and email address over at our Free Comic page and we’ll send you the download link to the PDF of “A Shot in the Dark” right away. And when future chapters of Tough are finished, we’ll send you links to those as well. (Once you read one of our comics, please be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section — we really want to hear from you!)

If you’re worried about being spammed (which I certainly am whenever I sign up for a new mailing list), don’t be — we’ll never share your email address with anyone else and we’ll only send out an email when we have a new comic to send you or something really important to share. Expect less than 4 emails from us a year.

Finally, when our book is ready to print, special offers will be made to those who have signed up for this list — so it’s a win/win, baby!

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As a member, you can tell us what you like (and don’t like!) in yaoi stories as well as get direct answers to your questions about how to create a graphic novel from scratch.

Also, if you’re enjoying what you’re reading on this site, don’t miss out — get new posts delivered right to you (for free!) through one of our Subscription Methods.

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The Creators

The sexy action-romance stories in the upcoming Yaoi 911™ books are based on scripts by me — Alex Woolfson — and feature art from Winona Nelson, Vitto, Vincent Lee and Karla Diaz C. Find out about them here.

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Our goal is to keep the linkroll small and helpful, but if you have a yaoi site you’d like us to list (particularly a yaoi creator or review site), please email Alex!

Comment Policy

We at Yaoi 911™ absolutely encourage you to ask us the hard questions (and the easy ones, too!), to share what you find cool and what you find challenging about yaoi, to express yourself and make friends, but this isn’t the place for hate speech or derogatory personal comments. Personal attacks, snide remarks, etc. — especially towards other commenters and people off-site — do not belong here and will be moderated, edited and most likely deleted at our sole discretion. If you feel someone is not following the spirit of this policy, please don’t start a flame war — email Alex and he’ll take care of it.

We want everyone to feel welcome and at ease here. We want you to know this is a safe space to make friends and enjoy sweet guy-on-guy action. The whole point of Yaoi 911™ is to learn and have fun and we will do everything in our power to make your time here a great one. Please enjoy and let us know what you think! 🙂


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