Creating full-color Yaoi graphic novels involves the work of a number of creative artists — here’s a little bit about them.

Writer-Publisher Alex Woolfson

Writer-Publisher Alex Woolfson Alex is a Bay Area filmmaker who has written, produced and directed his stories since the age of ten. He likes speculative fiction, meditation and men who fight monsters and then want to make out. You can contact him directly by email here. You can follow him on Twitter at @alexwoolfson. And you can follow him on Facebook here.

Penciler/Inker/Colorist Winona Nelson

Penciler, Inker and Colorist Winona Nelson Currently finishing our sci-fi BL graphic novel “Artifice”, Winona Nelson started drawing before she started walking and told her family at age 3 that she would become an artist. She showed early interest in comics and video games, and now focuses on sequential art and character design, often blending Asian and Western influences. You can check out more of her work at her Web site or on her Facebook page.

Penciler Vitto

Penciler Vitto 32-year-old Italian-Latino artist Vitto created pencils for the first two chapters of our yaoi graphic novel Tough. He has a great passion for comics, sports and movies. Self-taught and skilled in both naturalistic and stylistic art, he is always eager for new artistic challenges.

Pin-up Artist Ponderosa

Pin-up Artist Ponderosa Kimi Owens (aka Ponderosa) is the painter of our first pin-up for Tough, “Junkyard”. In her early twenties Kimi Owens rediscovered her childhood love of drawing through an exposure to yaoi and slash fandom, a move which led to her returning to school to formally study illustration and animation. Now in her spare time she focuses her energy on drawing, writing, and sculpting, and her passion for transformative works continues. She also appreciates maker culture, knowledge sharing, and indie development across genres. Her works are known to be a boundary-pushing exploration of the many facets of loyalty and longing and you can view more of them at her Web site.

Penciler Adam DeKraker

Penciler Adam DeKraker Adam DeKraker is a comic book illustrator and filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY who is currently working on our superhero yaoi comic “Engaging The Enemy”. His body of work includes many titles from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon and Dark Horse Comics. You can find a portfolio of his work and more information at his Web site.

Penciler Randall Whiteis

Penciler Randall Whiteis Randall Whiteis, our penciler for the third chapter of Tough, “Brother’s Keeper”, broke into the art scene by practicing a wide range of art styles from an early age and combining them with his own. Randall studied Computer Animation at Ringling for 2 years, then went on to become a freelance illustrator to better study different disciplines in the art realm. Many of his pieces are influenced by French illustrators, Japanese animation and Western animation and you can view more of his work at his Web site.

Colorist Vincent Lee

Colorist Vincent Lee Born in Los Angeles but rarely willing to admit it, Vincent Lee is the colorist for the first chapter of Tough. His passions include visual storytelling, electronica, and pho. In the future, Vincent hopes to create compelling genre fiction that girls and guys can enjoy equally, but also in which lots of stuff blows up. For more examples of his artwork, you can visit his site here.

Penciler Karla Diaz C.

Penciler Karla Diaz C. Karla, the penciler for our free comic “A Shot in the Dark”, is a graphic designer and comic artist from Chile whose favorite styles of drawing are manga, euromanga and animated style. She started drawing professionally 4 years ago and everyday keeps learning and improving her skills, hoping someday to become a success in her own country.


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